We Are Naked Apps.

We make sweet mobile apps.

Naked Apps is a software company based in sunny Tauranga, New Zealand specialising in beautiful, bespoke mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android & sometimes Windows Phone 7 platforms.

Puzzle Love

One of our bespoke apps

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Our Creations

We take immense pride in all we do. Whether you've got your project all planned out to the last detail,or just have an idea that you want to grow - we can help. Check out some of our work below.

Puzzle Love

Beautiful Puzzles in your pocket.

Puzzle Love lets you play all the traditional puzzles you know and love in a beautiful and calming setting. It's chock-full of gorgeous retina graphics & packed full of fun. It's available free on the App Store now so go download it.

The Brief

Our client was looking to build on his current Puzzle Empire by expanding past print media.He had the idea of having his puzzles available in digital form on mobile devices, but wasn'tsure where to go from there.

After hearing his requirements, Naked Apps proceeded to then develop the entire brand,graphical style, user interface and business model that is now Puzzle Love. We also created a marketing websiteand promotional videoto market the App before, and after release.

Shop 'n List

A no-frills shopping list app for a no-frills supermarket.

This was our first creation under the Naked Apps banner. It's a simple, no-frills shopping listApp for a super market in Hastings, New Zealand - Pak 'n Save Hastings.

The Brief

Our client had a requirement for a low cost, easy to use shopping list with subtle but obvious branding. After the App was created and put on the App store, he decided he wantedthe App to allow easy sharing of shopping lists.

Naked Apps then took the reigns to developed the entire Shop 'n List brand & identity,the simple user interface and all custom graphics within the App. Our client was thrilledwith the result and so were we.

If you're in New Zealand you can try it out for yourself.
Shop 'n List is available on the App Store now.

Who we are

Take one parts brothers Kilfoil ( Ryan & Brendan), some zest for life, a generous splash of ingenuity — and you've got Naked Apps.

Founded in 2010 by Brendan and Paul Masonto conquer the evil that is mediocre software development — Naked Apps has been producing top quality apps for discerning clients ever since.

Brendan lived and breathed Naked Apps in its entirety for a while after Paul moved to San Francisco to fulfil his long-time developer-dream and, in 2013, Ryan came on board, adding to Brendan's graphics and developer skillsets with his own in marketing and management.

We'd love to hear from you.

Ryan Kilfoil

Marketing guru & champion of you

Ryan is all about getting things done! He's your buddy throughout the process — making sure that you're in the loop every step of the way and giving you the very best app development experience possible.

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♥ Results, Meeting new people & his drums.

Brendan Kilfoil

Pixel perfectionist & code monkey

Brendan is slightly OCD. He's got an eye for detail and likes things to be right. Self-taught in the ways of Photoshop & coerced into loving coding as well, he's always willing to get stuck in and create something.

Twitter, Linked In.

♥ Sublime Text 2, Objective-C, Ruby, Rails & his Mac Mini.

Get in touch

Sorry, we're not taking on any more clients at present. If you really need to get in touch, please email us@nakedapps.co.nz.